29 December 2010

New Year 2011 Message

As we usher in the new year 2011, we hold hands together in unity and prayer that this year may be a year of abundant blessings, a year of true progress, a year of real peace.

All blessings are from God. We must put God first. We must put God in all, for we all know that only God will remain in the end. In all things, may God be glorified! But we realize too that blessings come to us through one another. May all of us be blessings for one another. In Pangasinan, may everybody love everybody—that is the greatest blessing of all.

We pray for progress but progress with ethics. In our pursuit of human and economic progress, we must not compromise our immortal souls. Our years here on earth are limited and finite. What is important is invisible to the eye. The peso and dollar are not immortal. Our souls are. The peso and dollar are not all mighty. Only God is almighty. In Pangasinan, may we always place God in our politics and business and culture—indeed in all!

Finally, may the new year be a year of peace. Peace is right relationships. When our relationships with God, with creation and with one another are right, we shall have true and lasting peace. Beyond partisan politics, linguistic differences and varied social strata, the call for unity beckons. May Pangasinan be truly one! May we extend our hands to our opponents with forgiveness and tolerance, respect and brotherhood!

Happy new year! Magayagan balon taon ed sikayon amin!

From the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Dagupan City, December 31, 2010

Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan


Pangasinan Translation

Diad say panabet tayo ed say balon taon 2011, manbebenbenan tayon mankakasakey tan manpikasi pian sayan taon komon et taon na mabunlok a bendision, taon na peteg ya aliguas, taon na twan kareenan.

Amin ya bendision et manlalapud say Dios. Nepeg sirin ya say Dios so walad sankaunaanan na amin. Say Dios so walad amin, lapud amta tayo ya say Dios labat so mansiansia ya anggad sampot. Diad amin a bengatla, say Dios so naitday dayew! Balet, amtaen tayo met ya saray bendision et onsasabid sikatayo diad panamegley na arum. Sikatayon amin komon so magmaliw a bendision ed balang sakey. Diad Pangasinan, manaaroan so balang sinansakey ed sikatayon amin komon --- sikato ya so sangkabalgan ya bendision na amin.

Manpikasi tayo para say aliguas tayo, balet sayan aliguas et katekep toy katonongan. Diad panpirpirawat tayod say aliguas na laman tan say ekonomiya, agtayo komon ikompromiso so maandon kamarerwa tayo. Walay pansampotan na amin diad sayan mundo. Say pabpablien tayo et ag nanengneng na mata. Say piso tan dolyar et walay pakaopot da. Say kamarerwa tayo balet so man-ando. Say piso tan dolyar et aliwaran makapanyari ed amin. Say Dios labat so makapanyari ed  amin. Diad Pangasinan, komon wala lawas so pasen na Dios ed kipapasey politika tayo, say panag-anapan tayo tan diad kultura tayo --- say twa, diad amin a bengatla!

Komon, say balon taon so taon na kareenan. Say kareenan so maoksoy ya relasyon. No say relasyon tayo ed Dios, ed say amin ya pinalsa to tan diad balang sakey so peteg tan walad kaoksoyan, walad sikatayo so twa tan maandon kareenan. Diad politika, anggad diad nanduroman panag-salita tan kipapasen na bilay, say tawag na pankakasakey so mankawey. Say luyag tayon Pangasinan so peteg ya mankasakey komon! Iyawat mi so lima min walay panamerdona, anos tan tepel, galang tan pika-kaagi ed saray kalaban mi.

Magayagan balon taon ed sikayon amin!

Diad Katedral nen San Juan Evangelista, Dagupan City, 31 Disiembre 2010.

Arsobispo na Lingayen-Dagupan