14 August 2009

The NEW Garden of the Resurrection for Ossuaries

14 August 2009 – San Fabian. A garden where simple but refined ossuaries could be stored was built by the parish of St. Fabian. An ossuary, also referred to as a bone house, is a facility for the storage of human bones. The existing place for ossuaries is the Chapel of Mt. Carmel where wakes are also held. Unfortunately, the chapel has, as of late, cannot anymore accommodate more ossuaries. The new project also provides the parishioners another option where to transfer the bones of loved ones buried at the Catholic cemeteries in Cayanga and Nibaliw.

The project was started during the last week of May 2009. Work stopped for a month. It was resumed on the first week of July. By the end of the same month, the project was completed and finished. The blessing of the garden was scheduled last 12 August. But due to bad weather, the blessing was re-scheduled on 19 August 2009, Wednesday, after the afternoon mass.


To see more pictures of the projects, please click HERE.