22 May 2008

Typhoon Cosme's Path of Destruction in Pangasinan

22 May, Thursday. Five days after Typhoon "Cosme" unleashed its fury and destroyed millions worth of properties, leaving hundreds homeless, the people of San Fabian, one of the worst hits towns in Pangasinan, are now slowly rebuilding destroyed homes, putting order back to their lives, arousing hope amidst the destruction brought about the strongest typhoons to hit the country in decades.

"In all of my 80 years, I have never experienced so strong a typhoon than this one!" Mrs. Felomina Sagun, long time resident observed. This was the same observation echoed by many of the town's older residents. The howling winds were so devastating that the roof of the almost one third of the front part of the parish church was blown off. Several other parts of the roof were blown off. Masses and other liturgical celebrations are temporarily being celebrated at the Parish Center which suffered only slight damages. The Archdiocesan School of San Fabian suffered almost similar destruction as the parish church. Classrooms of Grades I and VI were partially damaged, as well as the main administration building.
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