24 July 2009

Parish Project almost finished

24 July 2009 – San Fabian. After a little more than a month, the project initiated by the Parish Pastoral Council as a commemoration of the hosting of the Vicariate III Celebration of the the Solemnity of Christ this coming 22 November 2009, is about 95% finished. The Pastoral Pastoral Council last 20 May 2009 decided that one of the two major projects that would be built would be the construction of a covered pathway linking the parish church, the parish center and the Mt. Carmel Chapel. The other project is the repair of the roof of the parish rectory.

The project was started lat 10 June 2009. Bro. Bernie Solis was tasked to build the covered pathway with Engr. Santiago Alhambra.

Polycarbonate material is used to cover the pathway. The project will protect parishioners from rains and will provide shade for parishioners as they walk from the church to the parish center.

When finished, the project will cost about Phil Pesos Two Hundred Eighty One Thousand (P281,000.00). Funds for the construction of the pathway are being solicited from the generosity of the parishioners.


To see pictures of the project since its start, please click HERE.