10 October 2009

San Fabian underwater!

10 October 2009 – San Fabian. The waters have receded in the church and in the poblacion. Floodwaters have also receded in Brgy. Lekep one of the 18 barangays of San Fabian which was under water since 8 October 2009. Waters in the area reached the rooftops of houses. Many of the residents who could not be rescued had to stay on the rooftops until the waters receded. Those who were able to leave stayed in the evacuation areas. Several families went to the Parish Church. They came back to Brgy. Lekep only in the morning of Saturday, 10 October. They found their houses covered with mud; their palays, ready for harvesting, still underwater, and properties buried in mud.

San Fabian was one of the towns in Pangasinan devastated by Typhoon Pepeng. Incessant rains and the waters from San Roque dams contributed to the unprecedented flood in the town. The town was completely isolated as roads going to the north were flooded especially in Brgy. Tocok. The Cayanga Bridge overflowed and the roads going to Mangaldan and Dagupan City were made impassable by the flood waters.

The parish church, the Parish Center and the Archdiocesan School of San Fabian became emergency evacuation centers when the Sports Center, the town’s evacuation center, became overcrowded. The place was reached by waters at the height of the flood.

The parish welcomed about 50 families during the first night of the flood. More came the day after especially residents from Longos Central, Longos Parac-Parac and Brgy. Lekep-Butao started to arrive after they were rescued. Brgy. Sagud-Bahley also experienced flooding as deep as five feet. The waters at the Public Market was chest deep.

Twenty houses were washed away by the rampaging waters of the Bued River in Brgy. Binday on Thursday night. The waters started to erode the river banks at around 11 o’clock in the evening. In one hour, twenty houses were lost in the river. Binday South has lost to the furious current, given more force and power by the unregulated and continued illegal quarrying operations in the area.

Binday South. The road that leads to the rampaging river. (Picture by Bro. Estephen Espinoza)


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