18 October 2009

Continuing Relief Operations

18 October – San Fabian. Relief operations and services have been going on for the past days since the Great Flood struck San Fabian last 9 October. Ten of the hardest barangays have been visited by the Social Action Apostolate (ASAP) team of the parish. As of today, almost 2,000 families have received help from the ASAP of the parish. Eight thousand individuals have been given relief goods.

The Parish of San Juan Bautista, Pinaglabanan, San Juan City sent a truckload of relief goods, including rice, canned goods, noodles, clothes and medicine. They also gave school materials to replace the writing paper, pencils and ballpens that many of our school children lost during the flood.

DSC00127The convent and the garage were transformed into relief operations center of the parish.



The relief goods being handed to those affected and displaced by the flood of 10/9.


(Pictures courtesy of Sem. Estephen Espinoza)