31 October 2009

Makati Medical Center holds Medical Mission in San Fabian

30 October 2009 – San Fabian. The medical team of the Makati Medical Center held a medical mission for the people of San Fabian last 30 October 2009. The whole day medical mission was held at the Archdiocesan School of San Fabian. San Fabian was one of the hardest hit towns by Typhoon Pepeng. Typhoon Pepeng inundated several barangays and displaced thousands of residents. There were two (2) casualties reported in San Fabian during the Great Flood.

The Makati Medical Center team was composed of 80 medical personnel including 40 doctors. The medical mission started at 8:00 in the morning and ended at around 4:00 in the afternoon.

There were more than a thousand patients treated and given free medicines by the medical team. Patients came as early as 6 o’clock in the morning.

The parish provided free food and drinks to the patients during lunch break and while waiting for their turn to be treated by the doctors.

The medical mission was a gift to the people of San Fabian by Msgr. Socrates B. Villegas, DD, the new archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan. He coordinated with the Makati Medical Center for the much appreciated and valued medical mission.

The Parish ANTABAY Team (the Social Action Apostolate of the Parish) coordinated with the medical team.

To the Makati Medical Center Medical MissionTeam: Mabuhay po kayong lahat! Balbaleg ya salamet ed sikayon amin!


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