01 May 2009

Barangay Formation Program and BVM’s Visitation

San Fabian. As part of the preparation for the parish celebration of Christ the King in which the Parish of St. Fabian, Pope and Martyr is the host of the vicariate celebration, the parish is embarking on an extensive Barangay Formation Program. The program is part of the continuing formation of the Basic Ecclesial Communities in the 34 barangays of the parish.

The program involves the visitation of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. The image will stay for one week in the barangay. It is received on a Saturday and will be handed over to the next barangay, and received by residents, after a week. While the image is staying in the barangay chapel, it will be processed to the different poruks or sitios of the village. This will be done for about three days, beginning on the Sunday after it is received by the barangay.

Three talks will be shared to the barangay: Family and Life (Wednesday), Basic Doctrines (Thursday) and the Bible (Friday). The talks follow the three functions of the Church: as King, Prophet and Priest – a Serving Church, a Teaching Church and a Praying Church.

There are four teams of five members who will be facilitating the formation.

On the Saturday before the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is handed to the next barangay, a mass will be celebrated. The Sacrament of Matrimony will be celebrated and received by couples who were married civilly. Baptisms will also be celebrated.