29 May 2009

Brgy. Gumot hosts Barangay Evangelization Program

28 May 2009 – San Fabian. The Barangay Evangelization Program, or the Visitation, was held in Brgy. Gumot last Thurday, 28 May. Bro. Pol Manalo giving the lecture on the Family and the Natural Family Panning Method Team Three of the Adult Formation Program gave the one-day seminar. The seminar has three main topics: Family Life (including a discussion on the Natural Family Planning Method), Basic Doctrines of the Church and the Bible.

Team 2 is composed of Bro. Leopoldo Manalo and his wife, Sis. Marlene Manalo, Sis. Ma. Rowena Nicer, Sis. Leonora Datuin, Sis. Elizabeth Terte and Sis. Shirley Tersol. Every week, a different team gives the seminar. There are three teams formed by the parish.

Bro. Estephen R. Espinoza was on hand to support Team 2 in holding the seminar.


To see more pictures of the Brgy. Gumot Visitation, please click HERE.