29 May 2009

Altar Servers enjoy a day of outing

27 May 2009. San Fabian - Several members of the Ministry of Altar Servers, together with Bro. Estephen Espinoza, went on a potluck outing on Wednesday, 27 May, in Boating World Resort at the DSC02881 San Fabian beachfront. A whole day of fun and laughter was shared among those who were able to join the outing, spending the day swimming, boating, and videoke-singing on such hot, sunny day.

The Ministry of Altar Servers is composed of girls and boys who come from the different private and public schools of San Fabian. Girl-altar servers joined the ministry only last 2004. Before this, the altar servers were only boys.

The altar servers do not only serve in all the masses of the parish but also join other liturgical celebrations such as processions and stations of the cross and the like.

The whole-day outing for the altar servers began at eight in the morning and lasted until six in the evening with the sacristans asking for a bit more time to soak in the water. Everyone went home with sun-kissed skin and with smiles gleaming like the playful waves of the beach.

The parish is calling on young girls and boys to join the ministry. He/she must have already received first communion. Meeting is scheduled every Saturday at 2:00 PM in the Parish Church.


To see more pictures of the exciting outing of the sacristans, please click HERE.