30 April 2009

PPC meets, discusses programs and plans for 2009

San Fabian. The Parish Pastoral Council of the Parish of St. Fabian, Pope and Martyr met yesterday, 29 April 2009, Wednesday to discuss parish programs and plans for the coming months. The meeting was called by Rev. Fr. Oliver E. Mendoza, the parish priest.

The Parish Pastoral Council is a representative group of Christian faithful who by their counsel assists the parish priest in the sound administration and effective pastoral governance of the parish. The PPC is composed of the presidents and coordinators of the different parish religious organizations and movements, as well as parishioners appointed by the parish priest for their field of expertise. By its very nature, the PPC is an advisory or consultative body to the parish priest who has the final and accountable decision in the parochial agenda in accord with the provisions of Church Law and in line with Archdiocesan policies and norms.

The main agenda of the meeting was the organization of the working committees that will prepare, coordinate and effectively put into action the different activities and programs in line with the celebration of the Vicariate III celebration of the Christ the King which the Parish of St. Fabian will host this coming November 2009. Different committees with their respective chairpersons and coordinators were formed.

The following are the chairpersons and members of the working committees: Committee on Worship (Chairperson: Sis. Lilia Santos with the presidents of the Lectors and Commentators, Lay Eucharistic Ministers (EEM), Adoration Nocturna, Mother Butler Guild, Usherettes, Choir Directors, Ministry of Altar Servers as members.

Committee on Christian Education (Chairperson: Bro. Tony Supremido with the Coordinators of the Basic Ecclesial Communities, Catechetical and Family and Life Apostolate, Parish Youth Apostolate Committee, Parish Renewal Experience, Couples for Christ, Charismatic Movement.

Committee on Finance (Bro. Gregorio de Guzman, Chairperson with Sis. Alicia Gubatan and Sis. Filomena Sagun, as Coordinators of the Sub-Committee on Solicitation. Other members are: The Parochial Board on Church Temporalities, and all the presidents of the different Religious Organizations.

Committee on Church Construction and Improvements (Bro. Santiago Alhambra, Chairperson). Committee on Lights and Sound System (Bro. Jessie Romero). Committee on Procession and Route Decoration (Bro. Diosdado Vallejos, with the members of the Knights of Columbus, and Bros. Joey Estandarte and Leo Carrera).

Committee on Souvenir Program (Bro. Josefino Abrigo, Chairperson). Committee on Peace and Order (Bro. Martin Estayo and the members of the Holy Name Society). Committee on First Aid and Health (Dr. Leopoldo Manalo, Chairperson). Committee on Accommodations (Sis. Rowena A. Nicer, Chairperson with Sis. Remy Zarate).

Fr. Oliver E. Mendoza also gave an orientation to the body regarding the on-going pastoral program of the parish involving the visitation of the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary to all the barangays. The visitation which will last for a week in all the barangays is an opportunity for evangelization. Two levels of formation will be given to the barangays: the youth and the adult formation. The youth will undergo a three day Youth Encounter seminar; the adult will undergo an adult formation program which will mainly consist of the adult catechetical weekend seminar on Family and Life, Basic Doctrines and the Bible.

Foremost in the list of projects of the PPC is the construction of the covered pathways linking the church, the parish center and the Mt. Carmel Chapel. Also considered are the improvement of the church patio, and given the resources, the construction of the Parish Pastoral Center which will house the different offices of the parish apostolates, including the Parish Credit Cooperative.