12 April 2009

Images of Holy Week

12 April – San Fabian. The Jesus Nazareno. Santo Bangkay. Mater Dolorosa. These are the three images that the parishioners of the Parish of St. Fabian had come to venerate, and reflect upon during the Holy Week.

04112009923 The image of Jesus Nazareno is the suffering Christ; Jesus depicted as carrying the cross, crowned with thorns, wounded and in pain.

The Santo Bangkay is the Messiah who had suffered the pain of death. It is the image of Jesus after his death on the cross who had been prepared for burial. Jesus lying in death… before His resurrection.04112009927

Mater Dolorosa is the sorrowful mother who witnessed the suffering and the death of her Son. What pain and anguish Mary must have felt in her sorrowful heart.

These are the images of Holy Week for the parishioners to reflect upon. They come to venerate them, and felt the pains 04112009926and sufferings depicted in their images. These images have given the suffering people hope and consolation. They know and believe that Jesus, the Christ and her mother, who had experienced  sadness and suffering, will not leave us in these “vale of tears”.



These statues of Holy Week had just been restored. The Santo Bangkay, through the generous donations of good people of San Fabian, has received a new carosa. It was made of narra from the trees of the parish felled by Typhoon Cosme last May 2008.

Both the Jesus Nazareno and Mater Dolorosa received new garments.