05 September 2011

KC of San Fabian Parish holds Medical Mission

by  Antonio J. Supremido, Jr.
4 September 2011 -SAN FABIAN. The Knights of Columbus (K of C) of the Parish of San Fabian, Pope and Martyr, Council 5739, conducted a Medical Mission and feeding program for the people of Barangay Longos Amangonan, Parac-Parac. These activities are part of the K of C’s commitment as a service organization for the betterment of the community.

The medical mission was conducted in response to meet the demands of many who are suffering from flu and influenza brought about by bad weather brought about by the monsoon rains and typhoons that wrecked the most part of northern Luzon these past days. The beneficiaries were mostly the children and elderly. There were more than 300 patients served. Medicines and vitamins were given to patients.

Feeding the Children
Aside from the medical mission, Feeding program was also done in the community. There were about 250 children served. They were first given vitamins and then fed with delicious and nutritious food. The feeding was done in preparation for the supervised and integrated feeding program which will be conducted by the parish through the Hapag-Asa Feeding Program
Information Campaign: Cleanliness!
The activities were also an opportunity to gather the local community. This was an occasion where the church can give important information to the community. They were advised about  the value of cleanliness,  cleaning their surroundings, washing their hands before eating, as a deterrent to any form of sicknesses. “Prevention is better than cure”. The information campaign was very timely since the incidence of dengue cases is high in the province.

The Medical Mission was indeed a very fruitful! Thanks to the concerted efforts of the members of the Knights of Columbus of San Fabian through the abled leadership of its Grand Knight, Ernesto C. Vigilia.