02 May 2010

ALD celebrates 15th Archdiocesan Youth Day

Dagupan City – More than a thousand youth from the different parishes of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan gathered together for the 15th Archdiocesan Youth Day. The Archdiocesan Youth Day is an annual gathering of the youth of the Archdiocese. The Parish of the Annunciation of the Lord of Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City hosted this year’s celebration and gathering. It was held from 26 –29 April 2010.

“We have set our hope on the living God”

The theme of the celebration was taken from the 1 Tim. 4,10: “We have set our hope on the living God.” This was the same theme chosen by Pope Benedict XVI for the 24th World Youth Day. The passage tells us of the great and ultimate source of all our hope: God.

“May the occasion be a reminder that our young people are not only the hope of the nation but the hope of the Church as well,” said Fr. Allen O. Romero, the parish priest and Youth Director of the Annunciation of the Lord.

This was reiterated by Fr. Manuel B. delos Santos, Youth Director of Vicariate I, the host vicariate, when he said, “I sometimes come to a conclusion that the world is moving fast towards its doom. But simply looking at the youth of today brings me much inspiration and hope that a better future of life is no a distant reality.” He added, “ The youth certainly gives us that hope.”

Program Highlights

Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD, archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, celebrated the opened the 4-day Archdiocesan Youth Day with a Eucharistic Celebration. This was followed by “Gilon-gilon ed Dalan”, street dancing on the main streets of Bonuan Gueset accompanied by joyful chants and cheers by the youth-participants. The Annunciation of the Lord Parish youth ministry treated the participants to a free dinner a welcome show on the first night.

Catechesis-Workshops were held on the following days, focused on the WORD and YOUTH. The participants were clustered into five clusters. A Community Journey, a visitation of the youth participants to the 10 communities of Bonuan Gueset and acted out HOPE (Holiness and godliness, Outreached and generosity, Prayer and reliance, Evangelization and obedience).

The Community Service was focused on “Ako sa Halalan”, the role of the youth for a HOPEFUL elections. “Kabatanag Bayani” was another community service rendered by the participants to selected communities.

The last night of the Youth Day showcased the talents of the four vicariates as they presented their own creative ways of manifesting their Hopes.

“The Youth Ministry is a gift”

Fr. Manuel S. Bravo, Jr, the Archdiocesan Youth Director, for the past 15 years, said, “The Youth Ministry is a gift – God’s generous gift to my priesthood and person.” Fr. Bravo would be ending his tenure as Archdiocesan Youth Director with the closing of the AYD 2010. He would be replaced by Rev. Fr. Manuel B. delos Santos.

(All photos courtesy of Franklin de Guzman, from his Facebook Account)