29 November 2009

Barangay Poblacion holds Visitation

San Fabian – 28 November 2009. Barangay Poblacion welcomed the image of the Divine Mercy and the Blessed Virgin Mary as part of the Visitation Program of the Parish. The Visitation refers to the visit of the image of the Divine Mercy and the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a barangay for one week.

Barangay Poblacion, however, had their Visitation for only five days from 23-28 November. This was because the images stayed in Barangay Sagud Bahley for two more days due to the Vicariate celebration of Christ the King held last 30 November.

The Farewell Mass was held on 28 November 2009, Saturday. The Sacrament of Baptism was celebrated after the mass. A procession from Barangay Poblacion to Barangay Nibaliw Sabangan was held.

The Holy Mass was held at the Corpuz residence where the images were also kept for the nightly vigil.


To see more pictures of the Visitation in Barangay Poblacion, please click HERE.