19 January 2009

Town Fiesta 2009 Parade!

San Fabian - 19 January 2009. On the eve of the fiesta of San Fabian, a morning parade featuring the 2009 Miss and Mrs. San Fabian Queens and Princesses was held. They rode on individual floats with their Prince consorts. The 2009 Miss San Fabian is Ms. Michaela Andrada Albay, a 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mr. Michael Albay. The 2009 Mrs. San Fabian is Mrs. Angelita de Vera Sison who is presently residing in Ontario, Canada. She is married to Mr. Robert Zarate Sison.

The other 2009 Queens and Princesses are: Mrs. Virginia Lomandas Gacula (Mrs. San Fabian 1st Princess), Mrs. Alejandra Narvas Priest (Mrs. San Fabian 2nd Princess), Miss Floriliza Jane Abaoag (Miss San Fabian 1st Princess), Miss Aileen Halog Disu (Miss San Fabian 2nd Princess).

The parade was participated in by the different government agencies, NGOs, Academe and local organizations.

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