27 October 2012

Toilet and Bath for Sitio Biew

27 October 2012 – San Fabian, Pangasinan. The residents of Sitio Biew, Brgy. Palapad in San Fabian, Pangasinan will soon have what they have been dreaming of: a toilet and bath for their community. These are being built with the financial aid coming from International Bazaar Foundation, Inc. and the support of the members of the Knights of Columbus, council 5739 of the Parish of St. Fabian, Pope and Martyr.

Sitio Biew, Brgy. Palapad

The community of Sitio Biew, Brgy. Tocok, San Fabian, Pangsinan is home to about twenty-five families. Most of them have migrated to Sitio Biew hoping to find a place to build their dreams and aspirations. kc.9Opportunities for education and livelihood skills have eluded them for the years they have been in Sitio Biew. Poverty has become their way of life.

The members of the Knights of Columbus Council 5739 have been conducting regular meetings with the residents. They have been providing opportunities for growth and development through formation for community development and cooperation, providing avenues for spiritual formation as well as livelihood skills training.

Potable Drinking water

Through the support of the members of the Knights of Columbus, Council 5739, the potable water source was built for the community. The water pump will certainly provide a long term benefit for the community who for the past years have to get water from a water source quite far from their community.

Representatives of International Bazaar Foundation, Inc., giving the check to Bro. Antonio Supremido, parish BEC coordinator with Bro. Bernie Solis and Bro. Severino Solis, Sr.

Photos Courtesy of Bro. Bernie Solis