16 February 2009

Parish Altar Servers

San Fabian - 16 February. New recruits from the pupils of North Central Elementary School of Barangay Tempra-Guilig attended their first meeting with the Ministry of Altar Servers last 14 February at the Parish Church where they regularly hold their meeting every Saturday afternoon.

Bro. Andrew de Vera, the Captain of the Altar Servers, invited the new recruits during the occasion of the First Confession and Communion of the pupils in the same school. The response was unexpectedly positive. The continuing invitation to young girls and boys to join the Ministry of Altar Servers is one of the program projects of the group.

The Altar Servers hold another meeting at the Rectory Garden every Sunday morning after the 8 AM mass.

The members of the Ministry of Altar Servers (MASs) of the Parish of St. Fabian, Pope and Martyr